Who's Saving The Planet Media Group

We're building a platform to connect sustainability-minded consumers with eco-friendly products.

The “Who’s Saving the Planet” (WSTP) podcast was founded in early 2020 to highlight start-ups building sustainable products and technologies. We’re continuing to develop the flagship podcast while growing the platform into a suite of digital products to capture market demand for sustainable, eco-centric brands and generate revenue through partnerships, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. 

To empower consumers with better information at the point of purchase we’re building a “sustainable scorecard” to evaluate businesses and products in terms of their relative impact on the planet. The beta version of the Scorecard launched this summer. It is built using the SDG framework with a weighted average methodology to standardize the “score” across multiple product segments and combines rigorous scientific standards with a consumer minded simplicity to provide a roadmap for conscientious consumerism. 

Who's Saving The Planet Media Group Remote
Dec 19, 2020
Part time role
TLDR: Job Function and Focus: Profiles of companies we feature and score on the blog Evergreen content for the blog, specific to the fashion industry Feature/timely pieces Video content creation/editing experience preferred.  About the Opportunity This Winter/Spring the WSTP group is offering an opportunity for industrious, creative, and determined entrepreneurs to join our venture as we build our audience, onboard strategic partners, and develop revenue channels including affiliate marketing, paid virtual events and a subscription platform. You'll be working alongside the leadership team and facilitating relationships with 3rd party vendors, freelance journalists, data-scientists and strategic partners. This role is open for candidates with a range of experiences, and we will tailor the specific responsibilities accordingly. For the right candidate, there is the potential to graduate from part time advisor/intern to full time employee, including an...