Our mission: We work to deliver rapid greenhouse gas reductions at scale, starting in California.

Our strategic goal: By 2025, California will enact policies to achieve net-negative emissions and resilient communities by 2030, catalyzing other states, the nation and the world to great climate action.

What makes us unique?

  • A track record of reducing greenhouse gas emissions: The Climate Center played a pivotal role in rapidly expanding Community Choice Energy in California, from 2 agencies in 2014 to 19 agencies today. These agencies serve over 11 million Californians—one quarter of the state—with 88% GHG-free electricity.
  • A well-developed theory of change (strategy) that describes the optimum way to deliver rapid greenhouse gas reductions at scale.
    • We believe that to achieve a positive, vibrant future for ourselves, our children and all life, we must build an unprecedented cross-sectoral coalition of climate advocates who demand accelerated, equitable climate policies that unleash market forces and make climate-friendly choices easier for everyone. California, as the world’s fifth largest economy, must step up its climate leadership to catalyze action by other states, nations, and the world for a climate-safe Earth.
  • The bold, comprehensive Climate-Safe California campaign that describes how California can respond with urgency to the climate crisis, meaning much more accelerated goals and action for greenhouse gas reductions. This is the primary focus of our work.
    • The climate crisis is here now, worse than anticipated, and accelerating, threatening all life, from humans to wildlife. With 9 of 15 global tipping points activated, what we do today can either unleash an inhospitable hothouse Earth or secure a safe climate. Per the latest science, massive reductions of warming emissions with the beginning of drawdown from the atmosphere are required by 2030 to prevent catastrophic impacts. Our only hope is to enact bold policies now, not decades later. Climate-Safe California is an urgent, powerful solution to ensure that California, the world’s 5th largest economy, steps up its leadership, enacts accelerated climate policy timelines and catalyzes other states, our nation, and other countries to action.