ClimateAi is a mission-driven for-profit venture, currently in stealth mode aiming to create resilience products at the intersection of food, water, and energy. We use AI to predict the risk of climate change on specific assets and use this info to help design climate adaptation strategies for stakeholders ranging from growers in agriculture to investors in developing economies. We are challenging conventional wisdom by attacking problems in climate science that were previously thought to be insurmountable. These technology breakthroughs are unlocking new business model innovations for accelerating climate resilience.

We just raised our pre-series-A financing round backed by some of the most prominent names in the venture capital industry. ClimateAI was founded at Stanford University and the CEO has worked with Vice President Al Gore. We're looking for a smart, passionate, team-oriented Communications Manager to join our growing team. The ideal candidate will be based in Latin America- and be fluent in English.