Acciona Energy

ACCIONA is a global operator in renewable energies, and the biggest in the world in terms of clean energies not linked to conventional electric power generation companies. We produce emission-free clean energy for near seven million homes across the planet, helping to make progress towards a more sustainable energy system that favors development without putting the environment at risk. We do this in an ever more competitive way thanks to our ongoing commitment to innovation, aimed at increasing the efficient of our technological solutions in areas such as the remote operation and maintenance of installations, energy storage and grid integration, among others. With 30 years’ experience in the sector, we are present in the main renewable technologies, covering activities that include the entire value chain: development, engineering and construction, operation and maintenance, and the marketing of energy. This is all linked to a global vision. We are present in more than twenty countries in the five continents, and are now particularly focused on emerging markets that need sustainable solutions to drive their development.