A pioneer in decision agriculture, Arable Labs builds affordable tools that help people collect and synthesize site-specific agricultural data. The company’s mission is to achieve global impact by providing the measurements, insights, and predictions that enable growers to recognize and address risk. Through access to ground-truth knowledge, Arable empowers agricultural stakeholders to more effectively manage natural resources and lower food waste throughout the supply chain. Arable’s founders were frustrated with how much of Earth science was in "model world" and how little was based in empirical data. Driven by a desire to bridge the chasm between measurements and models, in 2014 Arable was founded with the conviction that the reliance of agtech on models is useless without real data, and the production of data is pointless without an understanding of modeling. The Arable team has grown since then to a full-time staff of 30 based in San Francisco, CA, with deep experience in crop modeling, resource management, and weather forecasting, using artificial intelligence and machine-learning techniques. Our customers range across the entire production spectrum in food and ag, from farmers, mid-size consultancies, and universities, to governments/NGOs, major global food brands, agrichemical giants, insurers, lenders, and international communications firms. From the smallest grower to the largest corporations, we feed data to those who feed the world.