Asta Works

We didn’t get into the recycling business because we love it. Quite the opposite, in fact. One of the most daunting issues humanity faces is a mounting waste problem, which not only destroys the environment but also obstructs public health and threatens to drown poorer nations in unimaginable and irreparable pollution. At Asta Works, we strive to reduce the damage of inefficient waste management (which includes climate change, by the way). Reduce and reuse is always best but if that’s not an option, recycling is the move. Unfortunately, 40% of what’s sent to the recycling center ends up in the landfill. Yep, not great. That’s why we created a new process that reinvents recycling as you know it; using barcode technology, we are able to provide transparency and personalization to your recycling for the first time ever. By accepting pre-separated waste and sending them directly to manufacturers, we guarantee that more gets recycled, thus keeping the environment healthy, happy and green. You’re welcome. Not sold yet? We’ve simplified recycling by offering pick-ups straight to your door, at the tap of your phone. You'll be able to see the impact of your recycling calculated with the utmost accuracy. Receive personalized feedback after each pick-up to become the best recycler you can be. Last but not least, you'll be able to track your recyclables all the way from your home to the point of recycling. Waste is effectively reused and our air, earth and oceans revert to their unspoiled beauty, one plastic bottle at a time. Let’s keep it natural (as it should be). Our mission is to save the environment and reward you in the process. Think outside the box… and recycle it.