As energy markets change consumers are demanding better service, regulators are mandating more energy efficiency results, and revenue opportunities from non-energy sources are becoming essential to long-term survival and growth. We strive to be a leader in this new energy landscape — to save energy, to build better relationships, and to usher in the utility of the future. Unlike residential consumers, however, business customers are highly segmented in their energy usage, making a one-size-fits-all approach to customer engagement impossible. To overcome these challenges we are focused on addressing real customer needs and committed to understanding what business consumers want from their energy provider. We are dedicated to our utility clients, acting as a partner invested in their long-term success, not as a vendor. And we are determined to deliver results, because Agentis was created to change the way business customer view their energy provider, to take bold steps, bet on ourselves, and invest in the technology that will make customer engagement better for everyone.