Agrivi is knowledge-based cloud farm management software that helps fruit, vegetable and grain producers to improve their productivity and profitability. With the help of best practice farming processes knowledge base for over 100 crops, farmers can easily plan all seasonal activities, track their execution and related costs. Advanced reports and dashboards help farmers make data-driven decisions needed for improving their production. Agrivi also helps farmers to ensure high yield with smart pest and disease alarms that detect weather conditions on farmer's fields that are suitable for pest and disease occurrence and alert the farmer. With on-time spraying, farmers reduce the risk of lower yield caused by pests and diseases. Thousands of farmers from more than 130 countries worldwide have recognized Agrivi and are using it to manage and improve their crop production. Agrivi has been awarded as the Best World Startup 2014 by winning the first prize on the World Startup Competition in Seoul competing against startup companies from all around the world and was recognized as a project with the highest global impact. Available for farmers in 130 countries on their native languages!