Atomo Molecular Coffee

In the summer of 2018 Jarret told his friend Andy about his desire to create a great tasting cup of coffee without using coffee beans. Andy, a serial entrepreneur looking for his next venture and Jarret, a food scientist with expertise in product development, knew that they were onto something big. After listening to Jarret describe his scientific approach Andy exclaimed, “You’re blowing my mind!” and a great partnership was formed. They started in a garage (of course) and after months of research and formulation they finally shared a small batch of Atomo Molecular Coffee with students at the nearby University of Washington. The coffee was a hit with students! Encouraged by this success, the Atomo team launched (and successfully funded) a Kickstarter campaign in February 2019. While researching coffee, the Atomo team came to understand there was an even bigger problem underlying their campaign for a better cup of coffee. The environmental toll from coffee farming due to rising temperatures caused by climate change was destroying the rain forest. Since the Kickstarter, Atomo has invested in technology and formulation, and has partnered with world-class food technologists and coffee scientists to build a consistently great cup of coffee that’s ALSO better for the environment.