AutoTech Ventures

Autotech Ventures is a venture capital firm that manages more than $120 million to invest in startups that aim to generate financial returns in the vast $3 trillion ground transportation industry. Connected, autonomous, shared, and electrified vehicles and related mobility services have created tectonic shifts in the incumbent ground transportation industry. Vehicle manufacturers, parts suppliers, dealerships, repair shops, parking operators, ground logistics firms, and road infrastructure providers are all being impacted by ground transportation startups. Autotech Ventures provides startup companies with: 1) capital to execute on their business plan, 2) access to its industry contacts - including dozens of ground transportation corporate investors who together represent a global market capitalization of over $500 billion dollars, 3) up-to-the-minute market intelligence on the ground transport landscape, 4) support in recruiting ground transportation industry talent, and 5) fundraising support to raise additional capital from other financially-motivated investors and strategic investors. Startups typically innovate quickly then scale slowly, while corporations typically innovate slowly then scale quickly. Autotech Ventures brings startups and corporations together to bridge this gap and build the new transportation future.