Avantium Technologies

Avantium is a leading technology company specialized in advanced high-throughput R&D for applications in the energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. The company's headquarters and laboratories are located in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Avantium's proprietary high-throughput technology enables a faster and more cost-effective development of new and improved products and production processes. Using its unique rational approach towards the design of experiments and data analysis, Avantium is capable of accomplishing innovations with superior success rate. Avantium has demonstrated the validity and commercial viability of its technology by successfully providing research services and tools to more than 70 companies worldwide, including many industry leaders. The company's mission is to increase the success rate and economics of product and process development. Building on its expertise and track record in the energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, Avantium focuses on developing products in two fields: new biofuels and bio-based chemicals, and new crystal forms of marketed drugs under patent. Avantium's strategy is to progress its development programs and exploit the commercial value of its expanding patent portfolio by securing value-adding partnerships during the coming years. Avantium seeks continuous expansion of its profitable services and tools business. Avantium has assembled a team of highly educated professionals who are experts in catalysis, crystallography, organic chemistry, engineering of robotic systems, process engineering, statistics, cheminformatics and software development. Its teams collaborate closely with partner R&D organizations.