Avespa’s revolutionary patented process grows: Any microalgae - Any amount - Any where Our goal is simple; grow more microalgae in a smaller footprint, faster and cheaper than any known competitor, enabling algae to sustainably address a wide range of major global challenges: AlgaFeed: Revolutionizing how world-class shrimp, oyster, clam, mussel, fin fish hatcheries meet the rapidly expanding global demand for protein – by sustainably producing the live, high density microalgae needed to feed their early stage animals, improve survival, animal health and expand production. Algaceuticals: Providing a highly controllable new font of natural oils and chemical, microalgae are a revolutionary new source for the world’s nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, struggling to meet consumer demand for sustainably sourced natural ingredients. The Avespa team brings together over 100 years of combined biology, science, technical, business and financial expertise managing innovation, developing state-of- the-art science and starting new ventures. Avespa is an Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100 company focused on developing cost-effective solutions that will allow microalgae to become a major tool of the emerging global circular economy. Avespa was selected by Launch Nordic (Nike, NASA, IKEA) as a technology with the potential to have substantial social, environmental and business impact. Avespa is working to partner with a select group of world-class companies, organizations and strategic investors.