Bay Area Open Space Council

We are a large and diverse coalition of nonprofits, agencies, and Indigenous Tribes that are the regional voice of the resilient lands and waters integral to a thriving Bay Area and all people who live here. We directly or indirectly serve all 8 million Bay Area residents living in the 10 counties of the greater Bay Area. Members are committed to creating a healthy and resilient Bay Area for land and people. We will use “resilient lands and people” to express our coalition’s goals of a) preventing the loss and/or degradation of land, b) supporting ecological functioning, and c) connecting people to the land. We focus on resilience – an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change (Mirriam Webster) – because it is essential in the 21st century. We include public parks, public lands, working lands like farms and ranches and forests, rural and urban lands, trails, open spaces, preserves, and other similar natural spaces. We include acquisition, stewardship, maintenance, restoration, preservation, conservation, cultural resources and activities, outdoor recreation, public access to nature, active living as part of public health, and programs that connect people to nature. We are the only Bay Area coalition of nonprofits, agencies, and Tribes focused on resilient lands and people, and we are unique in how we work because: We work together to secure significant public funds and engage in regional policy for climate resilience and equitable access to nature. We leverage coalition members’ local work at the regional scale. We deliver more impactful outcomes for resilient land and people than any local organization or agency could.