C4X Green Carbon LLC

C4X Technologies Inc., Toronto, Canada and Green Carbon Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., Suzhou, China were set up by the Team C4X (China Canada CO2 Conversion X) to transform CO2from flue gas into treasure. Based in China, Canada and in the USA, our company will embrace the world’s low-carbon economy worth trillion dollars. This object complies with the trend of green, recycling development with low carbon emission. We are one of the ten finalists of NRG COSIA Carbon-Xprize (https://carbon.xprize.org/prizes/carbon/teams/c4x) and are currently preparing for the final competition at the ITC of Wyoming, USA with four other finalists from USA, Canada, UK and India. Team C4X is dedicated to the research & development of CO2 utilization technology, including capture, conversion and utilization of industrial flue gas from thermal power plants, mining, cement, steel making, winery, etc. Our focus is the production of high-value basic chemical materials and new energy sources including ethylene carbonate (EC), ethylene glycol (EG), methanol etc. through chemical reactions with our novelty nano catalysts, and the production of supercritical CO2 foamed plastic products. Carbon dioxide is very stable and usually decompose at temperature over 800℃ and under high pressure. Huge energy consumption makes it uneconomic to decompose. Our breakthrough technologies are able to convert CO2 into ethylene glycol and methanol in 120-180℃ at lower pressure with the help of Nano-catalysts. After more than 10 years of research and development, our team’s experts solved the problem of huge energy consumption in the carbon dioxide conversion! Comparing to the current methods of the synthesis of methanol and diol, the conversion and selectivity rates for methanol is 95-100%, ethylene glycol, up to 95-99%. Out nano-catalysts is economic and can be recycled after filter or centrifugal separation. The green and efficient process with low cost is conducive to industrial production.