California Lithium Battery

California Lithium Battery (CLB) addresses this fundamental challenge with a new disruptive technology: a Silicon-Graphene (SiGr) composite anode material. Developed in cooperation with Argonne National Laboratory in 2010, this technology takes full advantage of graphene’s strength and elasticity to stabilize silicon in a composite anode. That is, CalBattery’s unique manufacturing process for SiGr anodes uniformly embeds nano-silicon into graphene platelets in stable structures that in turn absorb the silicon expansion during charging. This creates the most stable silicon anode material known today – effectively tripling anode specific capacity (from 325mAh/g to 1,250mAh/g) over the traditional graphite anode materials used today. The CalBattery SiGr anode is now being commercialized as a superior “drop- in” replacement for graphite-based anode materials, offering significant benefits in Li-ion battery performance especially in energy density and specific capacity while reducing future Li-ion battery cost per kWhr by up to 70%.