Carbon Direct

Carbon Direct brings together scientific expertise and financial capital to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, invest in removal technology, and lower the costs of negative emissions. We make navigating the negative emissions landscape simple. Carbon Direct offers a scientifically-verified portfolio of negative emissions solutions, from engineered carbon removal to ecosystem management. We guide you through the process — from education about how carbon removal works to placing purchases and managing the ongoing measurement and verification of storage. Independent science: Transparently measuring and verifying stored carbon is crucial. We work with independent scientific advisors who are world leaders in academia and have decades of experience across carbon capture and storage, bioenergy, soil carbon management, forest management, blue carbon, and mineralization. Portfolio solutions: A problem of this scale requires many solutions. We offer engineered solutions and ecosystem management in a portfolio uniquely crafted to each partners’ carbon removal goals. Our independent scientific advisors determine all recommendations with a focus on stored carbon that can be measured, reported, and verified. Collaborative investment: Negative emissions solutions providers need investment and guidance. Our financial expertise directs capital toward promising solutions to drive down costs. Additionally, negative emissions providers that work with Carbon Direct benefit from the deep knowledge of our independent scientific advisors. Carbon Direct works with both companies and governments under voluntary or mandatory requirements to reduce emissions and supply verified carbon removal. If your organization is interested in negative emissions solutions, we’re here to assist