Carbon Trade eXchange

Carbon Trade Exchange is the World’s First and Largest Electronic Exchange for Buyers and Sellers of Voluntary Carbon Credits. Operating successfully for almost ten years, over which tens of millions of Credits have been securely transacted by corporates, project developers, brokers and NGOs. CTX is an Exchange and Brokerage for Carbon Offsets certified by the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard and United Nations CDM. We trade CERs, VERs, VCUs, EUAs, REDD, REDD+ and other voluntary or compliance certificates. CTX is the first commercial partner to the United Nations CDM Registry. Our other services include: Carbon Neutral Certification; Carbon Project Development; and Carbon Footprinting. GO CARBON NEUTRAL There are many benefits and opportunities to being a Carbon Neutral business, not least: > Brand Awareness & Leadership Position: Gain an edge over your competitors by being recognised in the community as a business that is forging the path towards Carbon Neutrality and taking the role as an Industry Leader. > Supply Chain Position: Be the ‘go to’ for other like minded businesses in your supply chain. Forge allegiances and alliances that are beneficial for your bottom line and the planet. Many companies insist on or prioritize their suppliers based on carbon neutrality. > Engagement: Give your clients, shareholders and stakeholders the knowledge and peace of mind that you are doing your best to meet obligations and/ or voluntarily change your practices to ensure your business is running more efficiently. > Bottom Line Profit: The exercise of reviewing and internally reducing your Carbon Footprint results in cost reductions that will have a positive impact your financial position.