Clean Power Finance

Clean Power Finance (CPF) is building an online business-to-business marketplace to drive the mass-market adoption of solar. The company connects providers of capital who are committed to investing in residential solar with qualified solar marketers, installers and distributors who need residential solar finance products to differentiate and grow their businesses. CPF raises 100 percent third-party‐owned project finance funds from institutional investors such as Morgan Stanley and Google, working with the investors to structure and launch the funds with managed risk and return profiles. CPF then markets the funds as solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) to qualified solar professionals, including Paramount Solar and Real Goods Solar (Nasdaq: RSOL), through its licensed online solar sales platform, CPF Tools. CPF Tools is software-as-a-service that simplifies complex sales, quoting, proposal and finance processes and minimizes the “soft costs” of selling solar. CPF’s fund investors earn favorable returns on stable investments on the resulting portfolios of residential distributed generation projects. The company’s solar professional partners gain access to solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPAs) that they can brand and sell to homeowners who want the benefits of solar without the cost and hassle of owning and maintaining a system. CPF manages approximately half a billion dollars of capacity on behalf of fund investors, and supports more than 100 solar professional customers who currently use the CPF Market to sell residential solar finance products to homeowners in CA, CO, HI, MA and NJ. Thousands of solar professionals in all 50 states have extensively used CPF Tools to quote and design solar systems.