CleanWorld is the leading North American innovator in advanced, high-solids anaerobic digestion (HSAD) technology. Our award-winning, proven, and commercialized technology, delivered by the same team and inventor who pioneered it, provides organic waste solutions for growers, food processors, waste management companies, and communities, while producing clean, renewable energy. Our technology solutions benefits businesses, municipalities, and communities by: * by diverting organic waste bound for landfills, which dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions * by turning organic food waste into revenue and efficiency opportunities, * by helping cities become more climate resilient, * by helping gardens and farms grow more beneficially and sustainably, * by helping people live more sustainable lives. CleanWorld is committed to helping every community achieve “Farm-to-Fork-to-Fue-to-Farml” economies, where what is grown regionally is consumed locally, and what is consumed locally is sustainably recycled back into renewable energy, renewable transportation fuel, and nutrient-rich soil products. The unique advantages of CleanWorld’s technology are: 1) Accepts a wide variety of wet organic feedstocks that are up to 50% solid, continuously 2) Efficient closed, 3-tank operation process, resulting in higher methane production, lower operating costs and a higher energy yield 3) Shorter retention time of organic waste, allowing more waste to be processed at a faster rate 4) Destroys waste pathogens, enabling production of high-grade fertilizer 5) Captures 100% of harmful greenhouse gas emissions & can be negative carbon 6) Very small footprint and fast construction time California CleanWorld facilities: American River Packaging (R&D facility) in Natomas, CA, the South Area Transfer Station in Sacramento (renewable transportation fuel), CA, and the UCD READ Project (renewable energy) in Davis, CA.