Client Earth

ClientEarth is a non-profit organisation, working to create a world protected by robust laws where people and nature thrive together. People and the environment are often under-represented in the halls of power. We use the law to shift the balance in favour of the public good. This approach is innovative, bold and a game-changer in the global fight to protect the environment. We take governments to court – and win. We force polluting industries to shut down. We protect irreplaceable forests and vulnerable species. We empower people and NGOs with the legal rights to bring forward environmental battles of their own. Using the law means that we create real, long-lasting and embedded change. Law captures a society’s values. The rules we agree to live by have enormous power when strategically deployed. Law when used well has the power to create a level playing field between the interests of governments and companies on the one hand, and people and the living world on the other. At ClientEarth, we serve the needs of the people. The people need clean air and water and a future in which their children can thrive. We use the power of law to deliver a healthy environment and to stop dangerous climate change.