Climate Nexus

Founded in 2011, Climate Nexus works to change the conversation on climate change and clean energy from an argument to a constructive search for solutions. With backgrounds spanning science, journalism, government, public affairs, corporate sustainability, consulting, policy and filmmaking, our team brings these diverse skills to partners in the science, business, public health, environmental and policy fields. For more about us, visit the Team page. Climate Nexus leverages all forms of communication to tell the stories of the people impacted by climate change and those driving the energy transition. To achieve these goals, we work with the media, non-profits, community organizations, business leaders and policymakers. We use science to support our stories, and draw from other fact-based sources like economic, legal and scholarly analysis. We are flexible and dedicated to acting upon critical new moments as they arise. We correct misinformation about climate change to encourage an educated and robust debate about threats and responses. The clean energy transition is happening now, and we aim to highlight its economic, health and environmental benefits. Along with market forces, climate action on the local and global scale helps propel the clean energy economy. We work with local leaders, innovators in business, and international actors to elevate this work to the wider public. We help our partners achieve their communications goals: improving media relations, reaching new audiences, launching online campaigns, organizing events, coordinating activities across the larger community, and anything else they might need.