Climos is exploring techniques for naturally removing large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere. One such technique, Ocean Iron Fertilization (OIF), is based on a natural process that is one of the Earth's primary natural mechanisms to remove carbon dioxide. It has very high mitigation potential compared to other available methods, and also has relatively low cost. OIF works by improving the efficiency of natural phytoplankton production in the open ocean, adding to the very large natural amount of carbon sequestration that takes place in the world's oceans every year. Publicly funded research scientists have investigated aspects of the science behind the technique in twelve small-scale experimental trials since 1993, which have shown that the addition of iron can stimulate large blooms of phytoplankton. Given this promise, a number of scientists and private corporations are calling for moderate scale demonstrations to better understand the efficacy and impact of this mechanism, specifically with the intention of assessing its possible use for climate mitigation