Complete Solar

Our company is not really about us — it's about enabling the largest network of Sales and Installations partners in the nation, and it’s about you! The future of a solar America will only come by empowering people everywhere with the freedom to choose their energy and how much they spend on it. As a leading designer and installer of custom solar solutions, our goal has always been to transform the complex and costly process of going solar — into a fast and easy one. By working with specialized, partners both in and out of the United States, we are providing the broadest solar offering in the industry. Our Mission Our mission is to grow the residential solar market by providing a standardized platform that partners can use to diversify their product mix, grow revenue, and increase customer satisfaction. What Sets Us Apart Complete Solar is changing the way residential solar is sold and delivered. In the process, we are helping expand the market and drive consumer adoption. We are the only company with a proven partner platform that combines financing options, software and services that other residential solar companies—and businesses with direct access to homeowners—can use to effortlessly sell and install rooftop systems and achieve high customer satisfaction rates. We sell directly to consumers, and partner with finance, sales, and construction companies spanning the industry’s ecosystem. We currently serve customers in California, Utah and New Jersey. Our Partners We partner with residential solar providers and companies with direct access to homeowners and provide them with competitive advantages. We do this by giving them access to a standardized origination and fulfillment platform for closing deals and getting systems installed in the most efficient, timely, and cost-effective way, while delivering exceptional customer service. Partners include: Solar sales organizations Solar installers Roofing contractors Finance companies Marketing firms