Cypress Envirosystems

Our goal is to help older plants and buildings save energy and improve productivity. We specialize in technologies which can be installed with minimum disruption and expense. Our products, such as the Wireless Pneumatic Thermostat, Wireless Gauge Reader or Wireless Steam Trap Monitor, require minutes to install, cost a fraction of traditional solutions, and typically pay back within 18 months. THE CHALLENGE Managers at older facilities must often tolerate dated legacy technologies such as pneumatic thermostats, mechanical steam traps, and manual gauges. Compared to new state-of-the art plants or buildings, these sites typically consume more energy, require more maintenance labor, incur higher unplanned downtime, and deliver lower yield or productivity. In today’s competitive business environment, these factors put older facilities at a serious disadvantage. Although many plant and building operators would like to upgrade their facilities with the latest automation technology, the cost of running new wires, disrupting existing occupants or production, and triggering potential safety code upgrades makes it unfeasible. As an operator of existing manufacturing plants and buildings in over a dozen sites worldwide, Cypress understands these challenges first hand.