Daintree Networks

Daintree Networks is a clean technology company that provides wireless control solutions for commercial buildings. Based in Mountain View, California, Daintree also has an R&D facility in Melbourne, Australia. The company was founded in 2003. Daintree's initial focus was on design verification and operational support tools for wireless embedded networking. Their flagship product, the Sensor Network Analyzer, became the industry standard tool for wireless embedded developers, and Daintree became recognized for its expertise in wireless sensor and control mesh networking. Daintree's tools and platforms have been used to develop and deliver many wireless Smart Energy and Smart Home (HAN) products and services. The company also formed partnerships and close working relationships with many leaders in the Smart Energy and wireless embedded marketplace. As the wireless embedded market matured, so too did Daintree's product offerings. Their focus moved away from tools and platforms, and turned towards the development of wireless building control solutions. The company added lighting, telecommunications, and networking professionals to its team of wireless embedded experts, and has recently announced its "Wireless Lighting Control System (WLCS)".