Our planet is now faced with global warming and worldwide deforestation like it's never seen before. Carbon dioxide levels are rising at an alarming rate, arctic ice caps are disappearing rapidly, and sea levels are at an all-time high. As if this wasn't bad enough, research now shows that deforestation is responsible for more CO2 in the atmosphere than all of the world's cars and trucks combined. NASA and global climate change groups have made it clear... Carbon dioxide levels in the air are at their highest in 650,000 years. So where does that leave us? If we sit back and do nothing, the answer is pretty obvious. But Earth Tomorrow is fighting to make sure that doesn't happen. Our mission is simple: Fight to overcome rampant deforestation, harmful greenhouse gases, global warming, and carbon dioxide emissions by helping Earth do what it does best--grow and sustain life. In order to do this, we plant 10 trees for every single member of Earth Tomorrow, every single month. That means every 30 days, you can join the network of Earth Tomorrow and plant your 10 trees, but don't worry--we do the hard work of planting it for you. We used to package and ship necklaces made out of driftwood, but found we were contributing to more global warming, carbon dioxide, and emissions! So instead, now we just focus on what matters: planting trees and helping you to do your part by allowing us to plant them on your behalf. Together we can make the Earth of tomorrow a brighter, greener, more sustainable place!