ABOUT US: eChemion develops advanced materials for energy storage and power generation markets. Our focus is to design and manufacture materials that improve performance while simultaneously improving our customers’ gross margins. With an electrical infrastructure capable of generating and distributing renewable energy, eChemion believes the cost of renewable energy should converge on being “free,” with the only recurrent cost arising in maintenance fees. However, due to the misalignment between when energy demand is placed on the grid and when renewable energy generation can be provided to the grid, renewable energy must have a way of being stored until it is needed. This last hurdle is energy storage and this is why we’ve chosen to focus on this market for our first product launch, a bipolar plate called eC17 that is used by Redox Flow Battery Manufacturers. MISSION: eChemion provides engineered solutions for the energy storage industry with the higher purpose of supporting the global transition to more resilient and reliable electrical infrastructures that can rely entirely on renewable energy resources. VISION: eChemion seeks to enable a global transition to renewable energy dependency by becoming the world’s leading low-cost, high-performance component supplier of energy storage devices. “ The future of energy should be free. We are vastly improving the way energy is stored and managed, which will lead to reliable energy for everyone. — Bill Kesselring, CEO, eChemion CORE VALUES: Sustainability - Individually and as a team, eChemion employees seek to create a more sustainable world at every level of the organization, whether it is through internal efficiency improvements or via engineered solutions that increase product lifespan and reduce waste. Energy Equity - At eChemion, we believe that unlocking the potential of energy storage products will create a more just and equitable world by enabling low-cost storage and distribution of electricity to anyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status or country of origin. Diversity - Our world is rich with diverse people, cultures, skills, and mindsets; at eChemion, we believe that any successful solution for such a world must originate from a team that reflects this diversity of backgrounds, ideas, and solutions. Innovation - At the core of our existence is a drive to solve the energy challenges facing the world today; a drive that fuels our passion for developing market-focused solutions that enable the global transition to greater electrical grid resiliency, safety, and sustainability.