Eco Convergence Group

How do we deliver the best possible produce? We simply provide our plants with the cleanest air & water, the ideal temperature & humidity and combine those with perfectly balanced nutrients. Our technology is at the leading edge of plant science, incorporating cleanroom technology, IoT, big data and ai-based process automation to ensure perfect growing conditions. Plant Science We are constantly monitoring and adjusting the nutrients we feed our plants. Our data driven systems allow our horticulturists to generate high yields by maintaining perfectly balanced nutrient mixture ratios, lighting conditions, temperatures and ambient Co2 levels. Perfect Clean Growing Environment Because we control the environment, we control the quality. At Kalera, we can grow virtually anything, all year round. To achieve this, we have adapted cleanroom technology from the semiconductor industry. This ensures that harmful pathogens and destructive bugs and insects are eliminated before they get started. As a result, we never use any pesticides or insecticides. Our produce is never exposed to animal or human pathogens. Process Automation for Precision Hydroponics Our IoT-based process automation systems monitor, manage and control all critical maintenance events in our growing environments. Our data-driven controls manage exact growing cycles resulting in a level of quality and consistency never known before. We can precisely control size, shape, texture, color, flavor, and nutrition, while realizing huge gains in productivity. Our AI systems ensure that we are constantly optimizing growing conditions for each plant type. Kalera is about science and technology working in concert with nature, helping plants to thrive.