Emmer & Co.

At Emmer & Co.® we follow a farming method called holistic management. But before the industrialization of agriculture, this was just called farming. This regenerative agriculture practice is all about balance, and working to ensure that we never over-impact a single part of the ecosystem - it’s the future of farming. The way Emmer & Co. raises our slow-growing birds will leave the land better. Freedom, not "access." Most brands raise birds in barns with minimal or no outdoor areas, but Emmer & Co. chickens are truly 100% pasture raised. We don’t use any barns or permanent structures to grow our birds; only modular, open ended hoop houses that we move when we rotate our pastures. These are built with recycled materials, and allow our birds to live an entirely outdoor life with the freedom to run and freely forage - year-round. Moving forward: by going back to nature. Emmer & Co.’s way of farming may be a new system, but it takes its cues from the original farmer: mother nature. We enrich the soil by rotating our pastures with a mix of animal and plant life, and each species contributes something unique. These natural processes layer together in a virtuous cycle that improves soil health.