Enel Innovation Hub

We believe in taking an approach that is open to innovation. This is a vision born of Enel’s Open Power strategy and which is evolving into Open Innovability: openness, innovation and sustainability. Our goal is to become the leading energy innovation ecosystem with the ability to connect talented people, ideas, expertise, technologies and resources to create the energy of the future. We want to help guide the transformation of the energy sector to make it smarter, more efficient and more reliable, developing new products and services for our clients in the process. To do so, we are working with the best startups and the most innovative SMEs worldwide. We are offering our expertise, opening the doors of our laboratories and guaranteeing the resources required to develop better solutions in a fast way. We also connect startups to VC funds, universities, research centers and incubators in case they need more funding or more support. Our partner startups are turning their ideas into successful reality on a global scale, thanks to our customer base, operational presence in 32 countries across five continents and the network of international relations provided by the Enel Innovation Hubs. Together we are creating sustainable and shared value!