Food For All

Food waste is disrespectful on so many levels: to the hungry, to the people that spend their time cooking, to our natural resources... yet is a practice that is generally accepted and this is what makes fighting it so challenging.

After developing our concept in collaboration with Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health, Food for All was born in Oct 2016 with the help of more than 650 incredible people all over the US that backed us in our Kickstarter campaign. With that, a major collective statement against food waste was made, which was featured by over 85 media channels in 8 different countries!

Since the beginning we understood that in order to curb food waste we would need much more than a smart and innovative solution; we would need a whole movement that supports our cause. We are excited about what we have mobilized so far, and what moves us everyday is making sure that all of our supporters - restaurants, institutions and users - are recognized and empowered by providing them the right tools against food waste.