European Cyclists' Federation

The European Cyclists'​ Federation is the umbrella federation of national cycling organizations across Europe, representing 66 bicycle organizations across almost 40 countries across Europe. The Federation has the following aims and objectives: • To promote and encourage cycling in the countries of Europe as an economic, efficient, healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport and recreation. The ECF shall act as a federation of member groups throughout Europe. • To raise the status of cycling and to promote recognition of the benefits of cycling for both individuals and society as a whole. • To encourage consideration of cyclists'​ needs in Europe in all aspects of transport planning and management, environment, safety and health, and promote cycle-friendly conditions throughout Europe. • To support member groups on matters of national and international importance relating to the aims of the ECF. • To undertake research on matters relating to cycling, transportation, environment and safety. The ECF currently organizes the Velo-city global conferences, and has a wide range of European Commission sponsored projects. It manages several networks of stakeholders interested in developing cycling, including the 'Cities and Regions for Cyclists' and the 'Scientists for Cycling' networks and is also in charge of developing the Trans-European Bicycle Network known as EuroVelo.