Far Away Project

We scale social impact projects around the world, redistributing resources, tools and information to enable and empower those who need it most. We provide fiscal sponsorship, digital tools, coaching and fundraising support. Far Away supports social impact projects in nearly every country in the world. We connect change-makers to vital funds, technical tools and support so that they can create change in their local community. We link donors, both individual and corporate, to project leads and their beneficiaries. We make it easy for them to partner, access and distribute sponsorship, and deliver their project. We specifically focus on projects with a sustainable, regenerative and humanitarian purpose. Our work seeks to mobilize people and turn ideas into reality, for the greater good of the planet and our people. We use a combination of fiscal sponsorship, monetary assets, advice and technical support to make this happen. Our delivery model helps both projects with short term fundraising needs, and also those with longer-term development goals.