Floresta Viva

Floresta Viva is the brand under which the company Chikioshira Lda has been represented, this company born on 10-01-2012 was the result of a partnership between four mushroom producers united by their dynamism and passion for Shiitake mushrooms, with a huge will to develop a knowledge-based project. Headquartered in Amarante, it was the first company in the country with the ability to bring together several areas of expertise and fill some gaps in the market. Its main activity is the production of Shiitake mushrooms in trunks, but as a result of the incessant demand to produce more and better, with less costs and greater efficiency, this company has expanded its business area to be located in the entire economic circuit of the activity. Distribution of inoculum, production and distribution of mushrooms, import and export of specialized machines and tools through the exclusive representation in Europe of the brands Star-M and Okuda machines. It aims to meet the needs of consumers and producers by bringing innovative production techniques to the market. Through the signing of a program contract, we established a partnership with U.TA.D - University of TrĂ¡s dos Montes and Alto Douro, through which we intend to innovate and enhance the added value of mushrooms by finding new ways to commercialize, going against growing trend of consumption of mushrooms and their derived products.