Freyr is a Strategic Regulatory Solutions & Services Provider to 6 of the Forbes Global Top 10 Fortune 500 Pharma/Healthcare Companies.Headquartered in New Jersey, USA, Freyr is a specialized full-service global Regulatory Solutions and Services Company and a specialist in Consulting, Operations & Technology Services provider, exclusively focusing on the entire Regulatory value chain of Bio-Pharma (Innovators/Generics), Consumer Healthcare and Medical Device companies, globally. Freyr is a trusted partner providing end-to-end multi-geo, multi-lingual Regulatory services to 6 of the Forbes Global Top 10 Fortune 500 Healthcare/Life Sciences, Global Top 20 Pharma, Mid-market Bio Pharma, and several fast growing Small-Medium Life Sciences companies, CROs and Standards agencies. Freyr has pioneered specialized Centres of Excellence (CoEs) exclusively focusing on the entire Regulatory value-chain which are supported by rapidly growing global teams of 400+ Regulatory Professionals. Freyr is evolving hi-end next generation regulatory solutions and services that are constantly driving accelerated performance and operations excellence. Freyr enables its clients to streamline, their regulatory functions, significantly save on operating and compliance costs, and deploy superior strategies for their new product launch and new market expansion initiatives. Freyr’s Global Operations, Delivery and Development Centres are ISO 9001 Certified for Quality Management and ISO 27001 for Information Security Management. Freyr’s global clientele: 6 of the Forbes Global Top 10, $20+ Billion Pharmaceutical Companies 3 of the Forbes Global Top 7, $15+ Billion, Consumer Healthcare Companies 2 of the Forbes Top 6, $2+ Billion, Biotech Companies 6 of the Top Leading and Fast Growing, $400+ Million, Generics Companies 40+ Fast growing, $1+ Million to $10+ Billion, Life Sciences Companies