GHGSat’s mission is to become the global reference for remote sensing of greenhouse gas (GHG), air quality gas, and other trace gas emissions from any source in the world. In June 2016, GHGSat launched the world’s first high-resolution satellite capable of measuring greenhouse gas (CO2 & CH4) emissions from any industrial facility in the world. GHGSat is using this unique satellite and its patented technology to provide greenhouse gas emissions monitoring data and services globally,with better accuracy and at at a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives. Some of the sites monitored by GHGSat are identified by orange dots in the image below.Owners of industrial facilities are now able to monitor all of their facilities, local or remote, anywhere in the world, with a common technology, in near-real-time. Significantly improved emissions information is enabling industries to better measure, control, and ultimately reduce emissions of GHGs. Building on lessons learned from its demonstration satellite, GHGSat is building and will soon launch new, high-resolution satellites and very-high resolution aircraft platforms for measuring GHGs. GHGSat’s technology can also be used to monitor air quality gases, as well as other trace gases, in the atmosphere. Business cases are being developed for key markets, such as measuring SOx from ships. Expressions of interest are welcome to accelerate demonstrations.