Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)

Global Wind Energy Council is the international trade association that opens new markets for wind power. It helps to build the wind power industry in emerging markets around the world, including China, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and India. The association works with national and international policy makers and industry associations to help ensure that wind power establishes itself as the answer to today’s energy challenges, providing substantial environmental and economic benefits. Global Wind Energy Council is a member-based trade association that represents the entire wind energy sector, including over 1,500 companies, organizations, and institutions in more than 80 countries, as well as manufacturers, developers, component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewables associations, electricity providers, and finance and insurance companies. It represents the wind industry’s interests in international negotiations to ensure that wind power takes its place as an energy source. The association provides authoritative information, analysis, and data about the status of the industry globally, along with its expectations for the future. Global Wind Energy Council is headquartered in Brussels.