Greenleaf Power

Greenleaf Power is a California-based company that is committed to providing reliable green power for North America.They power our facilities by making efficient use of biomass material that is otherwise underutilized. First, Greenleaf Power collects residual material from agricultural, construction and timber industries, as well as municipalities. These materials consist of wood products from construction and demolition sites, tree prunings and stumps as well as larger vines, corn and rice shucks. Using proven technologies, we then convert this material into electricity. The process creates carbon-neutral electricity and diverts material that would otherwise decompose or be burned in open fires. Greenleaf Power, LLC was formed in October 2010, to acquire and operate base-load biomass plants and improve those plants performance through: implementation of fuel-supply risk mitigation, PPA contract management, cost discipline, leveraging operating synergies, and applying best-in-class management and operations practices to extend the economic lives of the plants.