GroundMetrics, Inc is the world leader in the development of land-based EM sensing and is working with oil, gas, mining, and geothermal companies to commercialize a new class of sensor system and methods and to provide advanced survey and monitoring services worldwide. GroundMetrics, Inc. spun-out of QUASAR Federal Systems (QFS) in 2010 with an exclusive license to productize QFS’s novel electromagnetic sensor technology for resource exploration, management and production. This technology offers advanced capabilities for electromagnetic (EM), induced polarization (IP) magnetotelluric (MT), and controlled-source EM (CSEM) surveys in arid regions common in Australia, Canada, Mongolia, Mexico, the Middle East, South America and the United States. Furthermore, it improves the precision, safety and economics of Borehole-to-Surface (BSEM) surveys and is ideal for time-lapse and continuous long-term monitoring applications such as reservoir imaging and monitoring for Improved Oil Recovery (IOR) and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). GroundMetrics uses its proprietary sensors, noise mitgation methods and focused-azimuth borehole transmitter technology to provide survey and monitoring services directly to energy and mining companies.