Sustainable Technology: The future of the forest lies in the use of technology. Our research and development efforts have resulted in reforested wood with superior strength and durability, which is scarce and is in danger of extinction. Our technology offers woods with functionality and characteristics much superior in quality and use. All this, through a clean production process, innovative in the industry, preserving man and nature. Sustainable and tougher woodHardera® is the result of an innovative technology of treatment of wood, applied to Pinus and Eucalyptus from reforestation, rigorously selected.Therefore, in addition to bringing more quality, strength and durability to your project, you are also contributing to the preservation of our environment using sustainable wood. Treated wood with minimum environmental impact. The traditional process of wood treatment with chemical derivatives has a damaging impact and faces serious constraints due to human health risks in several countries. Our process is environmentally responsible, free of Impurities, such as heavy metals and potentially carcinogenic products, and does not generate chemical residues or Health risk for employees or consumers. In this way, we can meet continuously growing worldwide demand for more resistant, durable and environmentally responsible wood. You help preserve native forests. For a long time the species of trees supplying hardwoods have been taken from native forests because of their strength and durability. With Hardera® innovation, you can purchase reforestation woods with biocidal and physic-mechanical characteristics superior to most hardwoods, avoiding deforestation and helping to protect native species from extinction.