Impact BioEnergy

Impact Bioenergy’s distributed bioenergy solutions reduce energy & disposal costs by generating energy from adjacent organic waste streams. Our prefabricated bioenergy units are uniquely engineered and sized to allow organizations and communities to practice onsite bioenergy food waste diversion, thus substantially reducing multiple costs and generating a faster ROI than wind or solar. Impact Bioenergy™ develops and manufactures bioenergy products that allow communities and commercial food waste generators to lessen their environmental footprint and conserve local soil resources, while also reducing their waste disposal and energy costs. Impact Bioenergy™ is an experienced team of professionals with a singular focus: create a community of bioenergy customers who operate as part of an open-source network of small, decentralized facilities wherever high operating costs, environmental principles, or social principles are moving customers away from disposal. We build engineered products and provide the necessary support services to our customers to make new resources from organic materials. We make bioenergy systems happen quickly and cost-effectively. Our team has millions of tons of organic material diversion experience, and deep credentials in communication, technology sharing, new facility development, and team collaboration. Our core values and competency in biomethane, composting, soil manufacturing, gasification, and operations are specifically designed to make our customers successful and sustainable in the new environment of zero waste, distributed energy, renewable energy, and farm-to-table food supply. We are defined by what we do rather than what we say. This will demonstrate what we stand for, what we believe, and why we do what we do. Our promise is to design with economics, environment, and society in mind. Ask us for our operating precepts to learn more about how we live our company culture.