Kaiima Bio-Agritech is a genetics and breeding technology company that develops innovative platforms that advance and improve plant productivity for large scale, modern agricultural systems. The CastorMaxx© platform is an industry-leading castor production system that drives castor productivity to new heights. CastorMaxx© hybrids offer game-changing yield and benefits to growers. The platform is supported by experts in breeding, crop management and research aimed to customize castor farming to fit the needs of each individual market. The EP™ platform is a proprietary, non-GMO technology that unlocks a new paradigm in crop productivity by inducing novel variations within the genome, using the plant’s own DNA. The technology can create superior performing genetics in breeding programs and works with all major crops and plant species. Kaiima is committed to develop new, pioneering solutions that sustainably improve the global production of food, feed, feedstocks, bio based oil and oil derivatives. Our values: Innovation: Kaiima integrates innovation in all its platforms. CastorMaxx©, a castor development platform integrating High-end breeding with advanced molecular lab support and a resourceful agro-technology team. Kaiima’s non-GMO, EP™ technology induces structural variations into the plant genome, increasing plant diversity. Diversity is the basis of cultivar development and improvements in breeding. Teamwork: None of what we do would be possible without our dedicated employees, committed partners and valued shareholders. Creativity: Israel – our base, a hot bed of innovation, became a magnet for some of the best, brightest and most talented professionals in agri-tech. This is the talent pool that regularly contribute their expertise, time and energy to Kaiima. This impressive effort continuously advances Kaiima’s strong work to new heights and regularly inspires new goals and more ambitious missions. ​ ​ ​ Global operations: Kaiima believes its goals can be better achieved by leading teams where its partners are. Kaiima has subsidiaries and professionals in Brazil, China and USA. Sustainability: One of Kaiima’s chief goals is to help meet future production needs while respecting local ecosystems. Kaiima's CastorMaxx© aims to customize Castor cultivation for different markets, as a profitable rotational crop increasing crop yields or for marginal areas expanding use of land for beneficial agriculture. Kaiima’s EP™ technology increases the resource usage efficiency in plants and maximizes their potential without the need to draw more from limited natural resources.