Keewi is a new plug load energy management solution that provides users with the tools needed to conserve energy while maintaining normal operations. With smart plugs and outlets, Keewi allows for real-time energy monitoring, insight into peak demand times, and provides simple solutions for improvement. We ensure that through better data collection, you can better manage your energy use. As a team of data and tech-driven engineers, with backgrounds in Amazon, Genentech, and NASA, Keewi was designed to integrate effortlessly into any building, office, or school. We’ll define your baseline plug load energy consumption, create a custom schedule in line with your everyday, and provide continual analytics to ensure you’re on-track with your energy goals. With a complete suite of software and hardware, we pair smart technology with even smarter data collection and use. Keewi offers energy management without disrupting functionality--it’s a simple solution for better energy use. At Keewi, we believe that technology can revolutionize how we construct and interact with the built environment. We harness the power of data to improve building efficiency, comfort, and safety.