Imagine your world without electricity. This is the reality for 20% of the world’s population, who lives in extreme poverty, and with high levels of illiteracy, disease, and low human development. Kingo’s mission is to turn lives ON – the Company offers a prepaid solar energy service in rural communities without access to a reliable electricity grid at a lower cost than candles and kerosene. Kingo’s solar energy kits can power light bulbs, cell phones, and other household appliances; and customers can purchase codes by day, week, month, or as their budget permits. Already, Kingo is positively impacting more than 100,000 lives. 92% of its customers report saving money, 81% report improved educational performance for children, and 86% report increased productivity. The Company currently has operations in both Central America and South Africa, and expects to reach over 3,000,000 people by 2020. Kingo was formed in 2013 by a diverse and seasoned group of entrepreneurs. Its executive team includes experts in mass consumer markets, telecommunications, and energy.