Feed the Future

A new program—E-Dinner-- has been developed to feed America’s hungry by having verified needy people collect the nations surplus food DIRECTLY FROM FOOD PURVEYORS for their consumption. There is no need for the transport, refrigeration, recooking or re-serving of this excess food, all of which takes manpower and money. After being vetted and pre qualified, they will simply be notified by participating food purveyors (restaurants, arenas, grocery stores, etc.) of the availability of excess food at the food purveyors’ locations nearby. They (and the food purveyor) will be given a code and pick the food up within a stated period of time. The result is a two way “Win” for all involved. First and foremost, the hungry get fed quality excess food. Second, the food purveyors will see a significant reduction in the enormous cost of the disposal of food waste, as well as gaining a tax write-off for the donation of this excess food to a qualified 501 (c)(3) charity.