Leviathan Energy

Leviathan Energy was formed in order to supply innovative, state-of-the-art technologies that will change the fundamentals of the renewable energy market on a global scale. By utilizing the physics of fluid dynamics Leviathan has created wind-, hydro-, and wave-powered products that fundamentally change the economics of investing in alternative energy technologies in these respective markets. Leviathan's patented products are simple to install, revolutionary, and cost-effective beyond any comparable means. Leviathan's team of experts, each in their respective field, is as valuable as the products are in contributing to the company's growth and providing its clients with the best possible solutions to fit their needs. Most of Leviathan's management speak a number of different languages and possess proven management skills critical to succeeding in a global market. The company's team combines the best of American management and Israeli innovation and is committed to supplying our planet with efficient, innovative, and clean energy.