liftshare is a social enterprise that helps individuals to travel more sustainably by sharing their journey. Their online network matches people with similar journeys so they can travel better together - saving money, cutting their carbon footprint, having fun and making the world a better place. liftshare funds itself by helping businesses and communities in the UK and around the world to set up their own online journey-matching tools to encourage local car-sharing and more sustainable mobility. Their dedicated team then provides ongoing support services to help them market and monitor their scheme effectively. Internationally recognised as leaders in their field, they are at the forefront of technical capability, with 100,000 web users every month. Their friendly and professional team works with hundreds of private, public and voluntary sector organisations: small companies and multi-nationals, business parks, government organisations, local authorities, NHS trusts, event attractions and educational establishments. As a social enterprise, they have always lobbied decision-makers to raise awareness of the benefits of car-sharing. They also participate in both national and international transport industry functions, trade shows, conferences and workshops. Interacting with the people in the industry keeps us market-driven and customer focused. Before they were founded, organised journey-sharing was almost unheard of in the UK. Now, through their continuous campaigning at both grass root and government levels, the concept of a UK journey-sharing database is a reality and its significant membership levels continue to grow steadily.