In 2014, we set out on an earnest search for a corn tortilla with exceptional flavor and integrity. Our quest took us to Oaxaca, Mexico, where we met farmers whose families have been cultivating traditional maize for centuries. It was there that we experienced our first perfect, true tortilla. With each stack of tortillas that we passed and savored, the connection became increasingly clear: genetic diversity, regenerative farming and time-honored technique consistently yielded a dynamic, delicious range of flavors, textures and culinary applications from which to choose. We soon started collaborating with these farming communities, sharing their heirloom corn varieties and traditions with top restaurants around the world. Masienda was born. Today, Masienda proudly partners with hundreds of traditional farmers to grow, source and offer the highest quality single-origin ingredients. We continue to collaborate with chefs to develop in-house, specialty masa programs for their restaurants, while also working to create thoughtful resources, tools and value-added products to lead a new standard for masa quality, preparation and consumption. We believe that the best-tasting food is achieved through a relentless support of agricultural biodiversity, sustainability and independent farmers. With this philosophy in mind, our mission is to build a new kind of masa value chain, from scratch.