Mezonic AS is a polymer specialist with innovative products for a range of industries. We have first class competencies on development and production of polymer products, and knowhow on the possibilities in new materials. Our products are distributed across the world and range from no-spills cups for kids to containers for hazardous waste. Mezonic was established in 1998 with an aim to develop and mass-produce the next generation packaging systems for radioactive materials, based on an idea from Institute of Energy Technology (IFE). For the first 15 years we were known as Nuclear Protection Products AS. This part of the business was spun off and distributed to shareholders as an independent company in 2017, under the same name (see company web pages). Our primary business areas today are Recycling solutions – Special purpose containers for hazardous waste Smart house solutions – Leak prevention valve Fasteners – Special purpose anchor plugs for lightweight concrete and brick Hydration products – No spills drinking cups for kids, and sports bottles ​