New Age Meats

At New Age Meats, we make meat from animal cells instead of animal slaughter. We can craft meat to be tastier, healthier, and more sustainable than meat made any other way. Benefits: THE ENVIRONMENT: Industrial animal agriculture contributes around 15% of the earth���s total greenhouse gas emissions. Making meat from cells reduces greenhouse gases by 96% while using 99% less land, 96% less water, and 45% less energy. HUMAN HEALTH: Animal factory farming creates antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Humans are now using antibiotics of “last resort” to prevent deadly infections. More antibiotics are used on pigs per pound than on any other animal – 4x more than cows! ANIMAL WELL-BEING: 7.4 billion humans live on earth. We keep around 40 billion animals for food. Some of them live happy lives, but the vast majority do not. Our first pork sausages were made from a few cells from a pig named Jessie. In the future, we won’t need cells or meat from animals, allowing them to live their own, natural lives.